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The Original Evolucion Jalisco Mule

Copper mug

Fresh mint

1 fresh lime squeezed

Canton Ginger Liqueur

5 oz. orange liqueur – Triple sec or Cointreau (If you prefer a sweeter cocktail)

5 oz. Tequila Evolucion Anejo, Reposado, or Blanco

Ginger beer (Cock n’ Bull or your preferred GB)

Muddle together fresh mint, squeezed lime juice, Canton, and orange liqueur if wanted.

Add ice & Your choice of Evolucion

Top-off with Ginger Beer of your choice


Evolucion Lemon/Berry Twist

2-3 Fresh raspberries

1 fresh lemon squeezed

Fresh Mint

1 oz. St. Germaine Liqueur

5 oz. of your choice of Evolucion Tequila Blanco, Reposado, or Anejo

Soda Water

Muddle together raspberries, mint, lemon juice, & St. Germaine

Add Ice & Tequila Evolucion of your choice

Top-off with soda & garnish


The Original Evolucion Blackberry Mint Julep

3-5 Fresh blackberries

5-6 Fresh mint leaves

1 Sugar Cube Sugar

2 OZ Tequila Evolucion

Coca-Cola to top-off (or Soda Water if preferred)

Take blackberries, leaves of mint, sugar cube (add drop of water), and muddle ingredients.

Add ice (preferably crushed) and add Evolucion – Stir Ingredients

Top with Cola or Soda Water

You can add 1 OZ Cointreau & 1/2 OZ lime juice to create a Blackberry Margarita!